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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-15 10:22:00
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    but because of pronunciation and literalness are close
    Be dead against this matter , this station will be continued following the trail of the report . ...The banner : The quality goods is expelled the rich Anna of China famous brand and is taken the blame the content : Beijing city industry and commerce department regular selective examination the other day but lets the beyond description back of rich Anna of China famous brand product Shenzhen gone up the black pot . " the Fu Anya " bed linen that an enterprise in Beijing produced is checked up out the matter can causing cancer , and suffers forcing moving back the city . But the person who a lot of consumers' mistake is thought to be expelled be rich Anna to and rich Anna only one word wrong because of this brand , and causes that this famous brand product in the part sales receives meanly and the reputation is received decreasing . After the urgent crisis public relations , comforter sets

    the production management order of enterprise is recovered normally at present , but the sale loss with the part market of shadow left , seaon half moment is hard to fill a vacancy . To this , this corporation person in charge and expert inside circle appeal , and should enlarge to the strike dynamics being closed to tycoon and is closed to famous brand Shang Jia about the department , and Yan Chubu is just when competing the action , and protects genuine well-known brand of trade and high quality commodity . In that the industry and commerce bureau deep is standed on tiptoe being injured in Beijing city to one difference of the word verymuch lashing to check up , having the family of 28 batchs to spin the product not conforming to the check , and is forced moving back the city , among them the unsuited check cause of 23 batch is the back shrink of washing and is serious . bed in a bag

    The product of the batch made us the concern most and what let person surprise be has been checked up out can cause cancer the matter , and being closed to the famous brand is being this product . According to understanding , three covers " Fu Anya " bed linen of matter can be caused cancer by checks up out , by Beijing star month Danjiang River Shang Mao limited company production . In spite of this enterprise and his product are not concerned with with China famous brand product and rich Anna of Shenzhen not , one difference of the word lets rich Anna complain incessantly . Testing the result announces , and causes great disturbance immediately on the market . A lot of consumers who do not know the feeling are below first seeing , and have all drop-ined the trap that is closed to tycoon . Having customer holding " Fu Anya " bed article , and finds the divide corporation of rich Anna or sells on commission Shang Chu to appeal and returns goods And the original copy is planned to purchase the potential consumer of rich Anna's product and has also been given up consumption . bed sets

    Not only to be the grounds such as Chongqing , Sichuan and Henan etc sells on commission discusss with consumer telephone is constantly , and the normal management order rich Anna Shenzhen headquarters suffers working energetically harassing verymuch , the concerned person in charge of this corporation feels very in many times identical explanations but . " has influenced our normal work not to speak , and still having let our back ons the black pot that selling receiving damage and reputation to receive the damage , but redresses an injustice at the nothing place . " Rich Anna market ministry work personnel say , no matter Beijing " Fu Anya " product quality and grade , still after-sale service and the pattern design all with Ceng Huo China famous brand product and China is made known far and wide that the rich Anna of titles such as trademark etc differs very far away , bed in a bag sets

    but because of pronunciation and literalness are close , letting consumer give rise to the visual sense to obscure easily . " this time we are really very injured , and it is deserving the punishment that unsuited check products and the enterprise is punished , but our leigitimate rights and interests are encroached on , and who comes to protect ! " What more let rich Anna not expect be , and certain medium of Chongqing is under the circumstances about not conscientiously not checking , and directly will " Fu Anya " mistake report to rich Anna , and at the front page publishs bed article to check up out can to cause cancer the news of matter , and the offspring appearing in newspapers is rapid to have exploded out the pot on the market . The inconsistent with the facts report of conditions change quickly that the life and death was robbed be dead against the market and medium , rapid formulations of rich Anna Shenzhen headquarters and having started the crisis public relations program have been run away to the crisis public relations . On the one hand , designer comforters

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