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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-14 10:44:00
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    the enterprise . The scope of fair in 2008 still can keep
    and the quilt too thickly can make that the human body temperature rise sleeping is high , and the new superseding the old quickens , can make that the blood consistency is sticky thick the sweat is got rid of after , thus the risk that increase painstaking care pipe blocks Ventilate nature : The humidity of the ventilate nature influence folded quilt of quilt , and humidity inside the folded quilt also is the important factor that influences the sleep . When sleeping , because of the sweat evaporates , that folded quilt humidity often is more than 60%, makes skin suffer irritating . But the relative humidity inside the folded quilt keeps at 50%~60% and is the best . But the small environment that the quilt is constructed also can suffer the region and the influence of season . The southern climate is moister , and the good quilt of ventilate nature can be given the comfortable sense of person , and had better select natural silk by and the seven apertures in the human head quilt etc . comforter sets

    And in the dry and cold district , the good not suitable requirement to environment humidity of human body of ventilate nature , harmlessly Gai Ge's bedquilt . The temperature : According to studying , the folded quilt temperature at 32 s - during 34 s , person goes to sleep the most easily . The folded quilt temperature is low , needs long time warm up heat , and not only consumes the heat energy of human body with body temperature , and aspect table after undergoing one period cold to irritate can make the cerebral cortex is excited , thus putting off going to sleep time , or creates the sleep not deep The banner : Spins the requirement and increases simple 1 times of content in the near families of 4 years of Russia : Relies on Russia RBC's market research to net 28 daily papeies of 3 months , the domestic textile market is one of the quickest trade of internal light industry commodity markets of Russia development . Estimate that the requirement of near domestic textiles of Russias of 4 years has approximately increased by 1 times according to expert . bed in a bag

    One of the market that this is possesses the development foreground most , the requirement of domestic textile every year increases the range and will reach 14%-16%'s left and right sides . Russia resident all is promoting the major factor that the domestic textile requirement increases at the real swift and violent development and enlargement of hotel industry that raises and the building industry of income . The towel market is continues bed linen afterwards second everybody with the textile market . According to the statistics , the towel market total sum of Russia about is 10000 million roubles ( converting into 400 million dollars ) . The market total sum ( hundred million roubles 85-90s ) of bath robe roughly matches with the total sum in towel market , and his production program also matches basically , and the difference only depends on that the making technology of end product is comparatively complicated . That the production enterprise of angle all to Russia is produced and sells retail from his in the towel market possesses the attraction . bed sets

    But the towel product has only occupied not to the market share of 30% inside the Russia , and all the other products all are the import . Expert thinks , and the production enterprise like will gain the success development inside the coming Russia must change product production from large quantities of measured to the small batch to the requirement according to the market quickly . This the most before all others requirement correlation with purchase person : Purchase person hopes to purchase the high quality commodity with suitable price , and also asks at the same time the selection of commodity to enrich more further and can make the quick reaction to the requirement :The banner : Spins the fair and givees prominence to four characteristic contents in 2008 China men : Being done inside and outside the powerful nation purchases good trade terrace Yang Zhaohua of businessman's gas putting up to introduce to speak : " began that our the not angle from expands the scope to think over that the exhibition can develop the problem in near 2 years , bed in a bag sets

    and is will follow that the many-sides efforts put up a good trade terrace for the enterprise . The scope of fair in 2008 still can keep 100 thousand square metres , but we have raised the threshold to the exhibition trade invites with purchase trade aspect . Understanding the exhibition brand is done refinedly , doing deeply and does , and enlarges the home and abroad purchasing person's gas discussing , and makes that the family spins the exhibition along the inside and outside trade " the duplexing is strong " the terrace is strided forward , and is our objective of several years from now on efforts . " Spinning the exhibition to have attracted one batch of high quality of Europe and America owing to the family and high character the purchasing trade , and is employed that spins the cloth skill has set up the good outside type public praise between the enterprise greatly on the boundary particularly at home , designer comforters

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