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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-13 09:48:00
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    Because to think the product individualization
    Switzerland and Germany etc and << China textile industry association and cooperative memorandum of Switzerland spinning and weaving association >> and << in auspicious understands the memorandum about the intellectual property protections >> and << China textile industry association and German spinning and weaving clothing industry federation about environment policy and the medical treatment cooperation memorandum of domain >> . As for the problem of intellectual property protections , each spinning and weaving associations and federation of country such as China textile industry association and virtue , Austria , idea , law and Switzerland etc leader unanimously thinks , and the lieutenant generals of several years from now on of intellectual property protections are more important , if each country economy will keep flourishing , the application of knowledge capital and the value also urgently need increase , innovation development and intellectual property is the coming trade competition energetically basically guarrantees . comforter sets

    According to the China textile industry association vice president of an association of president of an association Gao Yong's introduction , that China has constructed builds relatively the perfect intellectual property law systems , and China protects the create achievements of textile industry and the relative leigitimate rights and interests of manufacturer by way of the patent law and copyright law and trademark law etc . In addition , China also constantly enlarges investigating and prosecuting and hits the dynamics to the production and sale to counterfeit the goods . Du Yuzhou shows , and the China textile industry association positive activity to participate in the nation protection intellectual property from beginning to end goes on to develop training in the member enterprise is with the vast middle and small enterprise to move about , all tries the law office in self various kind of exhibition meeting of organisation or participation organisation , and the controversial issue of concerned intellectual property of handle or reconciles . At the same time , bed in a bag

    has still been founded in the special enterprise society duty popularization office in the China textile industry association , and is responsible for specially carrying out the society duty and training to various minute association and the spinning and weaving clothing enterprise of association subordinate . At the same time , the China textile industry association strengthens and the colleague association of abroad cooperates , and has understood the memorandum with the trade organisation of nations such as Germany , Austria and Italy etc has signed the intellectual property The banner : The leisure in Wenzhou City obeys " individualization " gets into trouble on all sides the content : Recently , the various leisure obeys that the brand introduces spring and autumn season in 2008 product in succession , and convenes the order-placing meeting . Goes through after the individualization trial , bed sets

    everybody seemingly and begins to the popular recurrence . No matter the eager trial individualization was once " everyone has self a stage " and " I will I " , or " what is worn is " is followed seeing on the slogan , Wenzhou City several greatly leisure obeys the brand in the past several years , is all attempting to seek individuality of self , and provides the product of individualization to consumer . " everybody too sought the individualization the past , to such an extent as to giving up foundation of self less than . " Diveing into very big energy aspect certain famous leisure of Wenzhou City obeys brand person in charge to speak , and though the enterprise is in order to achieve the purpose of individualization , designing and marketing etc , the awkward is , finding that the genuine consumption colony not is they imagine later like that . The action earliest is , and the tap enterprise is obeyed in China leisure , and they even to the extent that introduce specially a women's clothing top grade brand , but the new brand was followed keeping silent and lie low on the market 2 years after . bed in a bag sets

    Because to think the product individualization , the cost can be raised , and the selling price is corresponding to be raised afterwards , and accept in the market . In 2005 , this brand was tried having paid the great price for the individualization , " beats the range rolling over , and has promptly held up the situation very greatly . " Agency a trade is spoken . The recurrence is popular gradually " from our brand fixed position location and the consumption colony that is directed against sees , and we are masses consumer goods plates . " Acknowledges beautiful virtue brand cause expression of part one person in charge's , in the past two years , acknowledges that the beautiful virtue put forward once " resembling to lie fallow " generally the thought in addition , but sees from the market promotion , too not successful . See returns from the product order-placing meetings in 2008 convened just now to the correct track . Personage inside circle thinks , designer comforters

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