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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-09 13:53:00
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    science view of development to advocate inadequately
    Next the foreign exchange reserve of Gao E has changed the supply and demand proportion with the foreign currency of RMB , and that his will certainly be strengtheied to RMB revalues that the expected union attracts the foreign capital drifting into , besides money drifts into can increase further the foreign exchange reserve union pushs forward the internal capital and property price rises so that strengthens revalues expectedly . Therefore will attach importance to reasonably using the foreign exchange reserve problem . The China foreign exchange reserve is at present chiefly invested in the finance capitals and properties such as government bond , international finance organisation bond , government agency bond and corporation bond etc of high trustworthiess grade of overseas , and persists in over a long period of time reaching the management concept of strategy development on the operation from beginning to end . comforter sets

    We think externally to converge at present the scope of the foreign exchange reserve management that the operation of backlog should transcend merely , and then according to the international and internal market the change comes nimblely to adjust the foreign exchange reserve structure . Can thinking over reasonably changing the increment backlog lays in for nation strategy goods and materials ( especially petroleum ) . See that because the fact that petroleum cannot reproductivity , the oil price wave exists the trend that the monotone was promoted to the next rank in the overall from trend . Reflect this , and suggests being used with one part of every year foreign exchange reserve increment in purchases petroleum of abroad and other strategies resources . Quickening exporting the drawback structure adjustment , partial Gao Shi of reduction export drawback rate standard export drawback rate inside creating in the near future need also be the heavy burden of center public finance with the outer important cause that needs to increase the disequilibrium step by step . bed in a bag

    The center public finance arranged 426400 million yuan of the drawback quota export this year , and is used to guarrantee to the export enterprise sufficient quota fund that the drawback needs promptly . We think that this drawback tray is partial big . In fact mend to export on the drawback fund to be subsidizing foreign purchase person and district of coast , and to have created the loss of national's income to reach the enlargement that the district took in the gap . Reflecting this , the suggestion quickens exporting the drawback structure adjustment dynamics , as well as consumes energy that the product will continue reducing or cancels the export drawback rate to resources That to the technology content Gao particularly decides for self to innovate highly adding the value product will keep or suitably raise the export drawback rate . Speak , and will reduce the export drawback rate standard step by step can think over in every year reducing by 2 one percentage point left and right sidess , bed sets

    on overall until reducing to the standard of about 6% . At the same time , can think over that the fund economizing coming down this part the is used new rural area construction of subsidy and the development of all public causes . Coming to raise the regulation and control efficiency by way of improving macroscopic regulation and control means at present with deepening reforming , the regulation and control object of macroscopic policy not only includes the market main body , and includes the local governments all levels . This kind of characteristic has been decided is persisting in with the economical and at the same time that the means of law are given first place to in macroscopic regulation and control course , and must tell all necessary administration means . The premise that changes macroscopic regulation and control method is changing the government function especially changing the local government function , and change the government ( especially local government ) function only to rely on science view of development to advocate inadequately , bed in a bag sets

    and must deepen the land further confiscating system and finance and taxation system equal phase to close the system to reform . The suggestion firstly will be cut off the system origin that the local government " develop financial resources " with selling , puts forth effort to reform the local government to control the system arrangement of one grade of market in the land , and thoroughly eradicates the system foundation of " land public finance " Next will deepen the finance and taxation system further reform , and explore products that takes market value as the foundation taxes , and makes the basic level government break away from to relying on of value added tax , thus the major energy of handle is put is providing the public service with improving on the public environment , and rather than craves in item and enterprise investing various " the tax very high interest " , and finally achieves the purpose that changes the government function greatly . designer comforters

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