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the many thoughts of stephanie leigh (bebe93411) wrote,
@ 2005-01-12 20:45:00
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    Current mood:blank

    my thoughts for today
    okay, now i know you all have siblings. Let me tell you, coming from a brady bunch type of household, i flippin love my brother and sister. They're practicly my best friends...but honestly, my brother, Travis, wants to be in a band. He's a senior down at IU. Courtney, my sister is a Soph down at IU also, she's in Alpha chi. ( i don't get into the sorority junk, i'm too much of a boy...) anyways back to when he comes home, like for Christmas, he BEATS...absolutly BEATS on the piano. Now, me and Courtney love Travis...but he just sits there and makes shit up.It doesn't matter how much we tell him to stop...he gets pissed and plays harder and louder. Courtney came into my room one day because conviently Travis has a keyboard in his room...and she was pissed cause she didn't get sleep because all night she could hear his fingers rapping, yea i said rapping...on the keys. Hilarious. I guess thats how you become famous...have one hit that gets noticed...but changing the subject...the other day he was laying down and i was behind him and i time it perfectly to when he was getting up...i pulled his hair...he screamed WHHHHOAH! haha i guess you have to know Trav...but it was hilarious...then he was...again playing the piano...and my cat Ebbinezer was like...choking or some shit...and Trav just watched him and was like, "i don't think ebbinezer's doing to well!" then ebb just chorkes all over the and trav laughed bc my mom was on her hands and knees cleaning it...awesome...ohhh i forgot to tell you about Tanner. I am obsessed with him!! OBSESSED. our half year is on feb 24...i've never been in's a nice feeling. thats all for now...sorry to bore ya'll. I'm out like a deaf kid in musical chairs...peace

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