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Manny (beautyt0ashes) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 15:18:00
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    spitalfield girl
    im posting this because i thought it was hillarious..

    so i met this girl online and all along time ago and like 5 minutes ago she imed me and...

    yourstarwontfade: hey
    latenightstories: hey
    yourstarwontfade: you were at the spitalfield show last night right?
    latenightstories: yeah
    yourstarwontfade: were you wearing a green shirt?
    latenightstories: yeah
    yourstarwontfade: yeah i saw you, and i was gonna go say hi to you and then you were talking to the band so i didn't
    latenightstories: oo
    latenightstories: what were you wearing? maybe i saw you
    yourstarwontfade: umm a yellow one shouldered shirt...i was like right up front during spitalfield's set
    latenightstories: wait were u the girl that i took the drumstick from?
    yourstarwontfade: haha yesss
    latenightstories: :-(
    latenightstories: awww i felt so bad
    latenightstories: i was going to give it to you
    latenightstories: and i was going to get a new one
    yourstarwontfade: haha dont worry dont worry ..i got a guitar pick and some sampler signed so i don't mind

    so weird! and we are going to alot of the same showsss

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