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Manny (beautyt0ashes) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 01:18:00
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    ill be gone like a saturday night
    tonights show was excellent

    >mike couldnt go so melissa took the ticket
    >we planned to meet at menlo at 6 o clock
    >my mom dropped me off and i waited for melissa
    >got there and met up with joevember

    Transit- this was my first time seeing them and they were ok..not too bad but nothing special but i gotta give it to them for the instrumental stuff..pretty good

    Chasing Monroe- i had been waiting to see them for a long time so it was such a nice performance..we all agreed that the lead singer sounds like claudio and he even has the i talked to the guys and i told them to check out for helen which they told me they already heard of them and they are going to check them out so lets hope for a chasing monroe-for helen show

    Slow Coming Day-they were ok i mean like i probably wouldnt go if they were headlining but i wouldnt mind seeing them again..they werent bad they were pretty ok

    The Reunion Show-their soundd puts me into such a great mood that its so if you guys dont know..clark and adam are in that band now after cts broke up so it felt weird because i saw cts so many times and now its like just weird but they fit in..clarke ha that kid always has a smile on and hes just so hyper that it fits right in and adam is still the quiet pimp..such a great performance..go see them if you can

    Spitalfield-soo good..when i got there i talked to mark(lead) and we were talking about past shows and how he sees me so i asked them to play in the same lifetime but he told me his reasons why they wont play it and i totally if you want to see tthat song live go to chicago or wait till they do a headlining show at krome in the main stage..they played alot songs of thier new cd and some covers..they are such great guys

    -me melissa and joe went to taco bell afterwards
    -hanging out with basically all the bands
    -lot of people remembering me and saying hiii
    -great saturday night
    -no assholes
    -great crowd
    -saw the brand new girl eilene
    which made me happy because we always see each other

    -the only thing was that bad is that they had barely any reunion show small shirts
    -everything was just great

    Ps. i gotta give it to spitalfield for covering Texas Is The Reason and The Promise Ring and when he asked if anyone knew who they were like me and other 5 kids raised thier hand..its kinda sad that they dont even know the bands that inspired so many new bands

    after we got everyone to go into the main room since it was a foam party for the clubbing thing so we were dancing

    so great saturday night..great show and great crowd..excellent

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2004-05-23 21:04 (link)
hey its melissa.. last night was fun. FOAM PARTY! haha if you need a ride to any show just let me know

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