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Manny (beautyt0ashes) wrote,
@ 2004-05-20 23:40:00
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    You make my heart attack
    im tired of being hurt by the way you write your lifestory and that it probably hurts me more than it could ever hurt you and maybe i am afraid not knowing how it feels but i got the best excuses in the world to say i was meant for this and that if i ever did have a chance i wouldnt have the best reason to spill out my heart and tell you how i feel because im not capable of doing that. Im not capable of reaching out to you and telling you that i could of been the worst but ill find that out the hardway and maybe if it ever comes back to me ill be sure to tell you right away but for now you have the smile that i could never imagine falling for and the pretty brown hair with the eyes that make me want to stay awake.

    if you think this is about you, it is.

    ps.keep brightens up my day

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