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Cassie (beauty_process) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 11:57:00
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    Current mood:crazy
    Current music:Heather Nova - London Rain

    I try to call the people from the sociology department today. She's on vacation. Why the fuck is everyone always one vacation? No one will talk to me it's not like that's their fucking job. Oh well.. I guess I'll just piss & moan about it then camp out side their door till they fix my damn schedual. I hate being given the run around. I haven't heard anything back from the dorm room either. I'm hoping for a private in the air conditioned dorm. My luck they are all gone, but hopefully I'll get one. My mom's supposed to be on vacation. It looks like she has went to work too. SHe said her and dick were going to go to San Antonio. I hope he has a heat stroke! I also hope while they are at sea world shamoo eats him. My mom said "we aren't going to sea world with out the kids" the other day.. I was like yeah fucking right.. this translated is "we aren't going to sea world with out our beloved crystal and fuck my only child cassie because she's nothing compared to pysco cunt & dicks child" Fucking bitch.. and she thinks she's so much better than terri. Well, I hate to break it to you mom, you're not.

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2003-07-28 13:05 (link)
Luv ur layout...comment on mine and I'll add you!

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2003-07-29 14:10 (link)
thanks :)

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