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Beauty the ferret (beauty_ferret) wrote,
@ 2002-12-29 13:46:00
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    Beauty on tears
    Mommy just redid our litter box. This is allways a fun event cause when she gives us the litter box back we can go and dig up her hard work and create a really big mess.

    Princess is even more fond of this event than I.

    But this time mommy said that the newspaper has something spcial and she wants us to poop in one particulare area..

    She wont tell us why, but mommy claims she has a score to settle. Mummbled something about a boy.

    I wonder if this is the boy that hurt her so much. i remember mommy would pick me up and hold me close and she would feed me these awesome salty things... and when they no longer fell on my nose I would go and lick them off her lips and cheeks..

    I dun know where they came from but they were mighty tasty ^ ^

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