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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 12:41:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:¤The Forever Endeavor*The Beautiful Double Sided Sword¤

    Day 8
    im home from cheerin' practice. it was good, and i think that my very best position is fronting. not because its easy, but because i am so much better at that than anything else.
    i am like so pumed up! camp starts tomorrow at 7:30am! i cant wait lol. i hope its fun. i know it will be. if ts not, then i make it FUN! lol
    im supposed to go to the mall today to get matts warped tour ticket. im thinking about going to the boulevard mall with mary. kevin called me last night, we talked like forever. seriously. but its all cool. he might hang out with me and mary today too. which is also cool. :oD i called mary and kevin, but none of them are home yet. im waiting to hear from one of them.
    in the meantime, i guess i should get together what i need for tomorrow. that would be smart :o)
    ø ¤ º ° ` ° º ¤ ø L a T e R ø ¤ º ° ` ° º ¤ ø

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