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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 23:57:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:*Cauterize*¤Something.Beautiful¤If.You.Go¤Choke¤Killing.Me¤

    Day 8
    hey im not gona spend too much time writing tonight. i need to get to bed soon, im tired. i went to darien lake this morning at like 10. me and jenny had so much fun! :o) we spend like $20 on games and won NOTHING! ugh. we went on some rides, but then it started to rain, hard. so we kinda hung out in little tented things. we left around 4, so i got to brians house at 4:30 so ma could drive me to cats at 6. i got to the party on time, and i had a lot of fun. we decorated our shirts and ate a lot. but thats cool. im home now. duh.
    i was supposed to call brian but i know he went to his aunt joys house today, so im not sure if hes sleeping over or what. i know hell call me tonight if he comes back home though. he called me the other night at like 3! lol
    i am more excited than ever about the new cauterize cd coming out on aug. 19. i really cant wait. im so happy that im gonna be here to get it too! ive been waiting all summer long fo rhtis :o) its funny too because out of everyone i know, im the only person who knows them, and im the only one thats REALLY into them. like, i like them as much as i like Simple Plan and Gob! lol yeah, so thats pretty extreme!
    is it extreme or extreame? questionable. i so confused! lol i need school! noooo! im pretty sure its extreme. but oh well. no it is definitly extreme. it looks better. wait... now is it defanitly or definitly? OMFG! lmao! my brain is in need of some good edu-cati-on! lol i said that funny and it ried to syllablize that for ya. is syllablize even a word? well, it is now :o) wow i need sleep. i need lots of things. too many to tell.
    mary just got on, ill talk to her now :o)
    woah shes telling me about a dream that she had with tim in it. tim is our friend who recently died. :o\ isnt that freaky? i would have shit my pants. i swear. well, im gonna go :o)
    ø ¤ º ° ` ° º ¤ ø I m ¤ O u T ø ¤ º ° ` ° º ¤ ø

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