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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 23:45:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:Milencolin-Pengins and Polarbears

    ¤ day 3 ¤ and the rest of ¤ day 2 ¤
    *i got an email with this, oh i hate chain letters, so dont ever send me FWD emails, i WILL delete them. (this one was marked (no subject) lol) i just want to see what happens tomorrow at 2:25*

    send this to 10 people and tonight @ midnight your true love will find you.  Something good will happen to you @ 2:25 tomorrow.  Get ready for the biggest shock of your life.  Whoever breaks this chain letter will be cursed w/ 10 relationship problems for the next 10 years.  Tomorrow is National Kiss Day

    day 2~ last night. well i went to brians house afterall, <~ is that right? o well. well, i went to brian house, and bryant was there. then bryant left and me and brian had a chance to talk alone. we talked about the whole situation, how we wanted it to be, and what we really want from it. he wants this to be for A YEAR OR TWO. can you belive that? so in other words, we cried all night. oh, but he wants me to come over right after cheerleading to sleep over, im not so sure he can pry himeself from me for 2 years. lol
    i have been having the worst cramps lately, not from the pepper, but like even before then. i also noticed that that occasional acne has popped up. the kind that pops up every time my period shows up. well, during the night, i was laying down. duh. and i had the urge to pee. so like normal people, i got up to go to the bathroom. as soon as i got up i felt a really wet spot on my butt. "oh shit!" i screamed, then ran to the bathroom. yep. most of you guessed it by now, but my .p.e.r.i.o.d. decided to just fall .i.n.t.h.e.m.i.d.d.l.e. of a bad time, once again :o) lol. so i asked brian "do you think michelle is still awake?" (michelle is the lady who lives downstairs) and he goes "maybe" so we go downstairs to see if she had a tampon or ten. thank God she had at least 3 which lasted me until i got home.
    today, day 3, was pretty good, no fights or anything. we watched the food channel all morning. i did brians eye brows, so he doesnt look like bert anymore. lol. then bryant came over, and then we all went to shawns house. we played volley ball, and ran a bike over with this tractor thing, and brian blew stuff up with flamable stuff. but, not long after we arrived there, maybe like 1/2 hour, after we did all that stuff, shawns mom got in the car and left. well, apparently she went to kill herself. so we called the cops and all this shit went down and shit. andy, bryant, and shawn went after her on bikes. well, me, brian, billy, (shawns little brother) and bobby, (shawns gf) stayed at shawns house. they fed my this pepper that "wasnt the hot hot hot ones" so i ate it and my mouth burned for like an hour after that. my stomach is STILL on fire. shawn and bryant "jetted" (lol bry) down center and found her well, the cops called and said that they were taking Lori, (shawns ma) and her son, shawn to ecmc for evaluation. yeah, bryant rode the bike back and then brian and bryant rode me back to brians house because i was going to get picked up at 11:00. well, we got there and waited a half hour for my ride and in the meantime i ate a corndog and some pizza rolls. and went home. oh yeah! and i had the best mix of team cheerios and apple cinnamin cherrios mMmMmMmMmMmM :oP
    brian might be working at Centerview again, you prolly dont care, but o well. man i have the worst cramps. geeze it is so UNBELIVEABLE, there is nothing COMICAL about this! wow what a great line. my entire grion aches and is all bloated and crampy. i have heart burn from that fucking 2" pepper that burned my insides like crazy. shit. my shit is gonna burn my asshole. great. i fell like ful, from eating a lot, and being bloated, im like gonna burst. i need sleep
    ~ . : * : . ~ . o . F . f . T . o . B . e . D . ~ . : * : . ~

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