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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 15:48:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:silence/of/an/empty/store*the/beating/of/my/heart/for/no/one

    ***u p d a t e d d a y 1***
    it finally happened, just as i knew it would. it was around 3:30, and i still didnt get a call from brian, so i decided to call. he answed and i asked "did you check your messages?" pause pause. "what?" so i repeated my question "did you get my message on your answering machine?" pause "um no" he replied so im like ok whatever and i proceeded to tell him when my mother was free to pick him up. "my ma can get you around 4:30 ok?" so he getts all pissed off "im going to the movies at 4" so im like "ok then call me when you get home and my ma can get you then." so then we hung up and that was the end of that. not even like 10 mins. later he calls me back again "jeanna cant you come over here" so im like "no brian i have cheerleading tomorrow and my ma has work at 8:00. im sorry, i thought we agreed on this. you promised that youd comeover to see me today." and then he got all fucking pissed off "oh well then forget it! forget it! bye" and then he hung up. so i knew his *PROMISE* wasnt true. ive been with him for way too long to know that he never keeps a promise. his excuse is and always is "i want to stay home" blah blah blah. i think he just wants to hang out with his new friends. and if thats what he wanted then he could have just told me that straight out, instead of once again, making it seem as if i am the bad one. i dont know this is all just so fucked up and im so sick of it. i have like no appetite. my ma brung me wendy's and i feel bad because i coulnt eat it all. :o\ i love wendy's fries, when theyre hot and soggy. and these were hard and cold. i like he frosties, but only when theyre soft, but not yet liquidy, it was like warm foamy milk. i hate milk. this guy jsut rode his bike passed the store and he goes to my school. it feels weird seeing people from school, out of school. like at Thursday i saw a lot of people from school there. when i see ~school associates~ i start to feel like im in school. sorry for the random comments. speaking of comments, why dont any of you people post any comments to me? :o\ im beginning to think that im the only one out here. like the last one picked at gym class? yeah thats me over there ::points to empty corner:: all by myself, waiting to just be picked by anyone, anyone at all. fuck this, im going home early.
    ~ . : * : . ~ E N D O F S T O R Y ~ . : * : . ~

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2003-07-27 23:14 (link)
Don't worry. My boyfriend is pretty bad at keeping promises too. I think thats a guy thing. Guys don't take promises as seriously as girls do. Atleast i know i take them seriously, and it really sucks when someone breaks a promise.

I'm reading your journal because you left a comment for my boyfriend on his journal. Keep writing. I know that when i write it helps me cope with things. I hope everything turns out okay for you. I have a journal too ....


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