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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-07-22 19:10:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Craig Armstrong ft. Elizabeth Fraser- This Love

    hey yall, im bored. here are my plans for the next few days:
    tomorrow i have cheerleading 9-12 so after wards im going to go and get mary and were going to go to the Walden Galleria mall to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get that trim thing, then we are going to come back here, to my house and shes sleeping over, then on thurs. we're going to thursday in the square to see gob. then shes going to go home in time for me to get some sleep for friday, cheerleading 9-12 then im going over to brians house for thee week end until cheerleading once again 9-12 om monday.

    omfg. mary is talking to domonic and hes being all shitty about me. i guess hes going to the square too, but hes calling me a bitch and annoying for no reason. mind you-- this is an exboyfriend that i havent talked to in like years ok. well, hes sying that i had my boyfriend call him and tyhreaten to beat him up.. honestly, i dont remember that, but e and brian might have been fooling around sometime. and he says that i said that he raped me! lol thats fucking bullshit! omg im so pissed that he thinks this. thats fucking bullshit. so mary put us all into a private chat that he never went into.

    now mary just got offline, so im figuring that she got booted offline. brb im going to call her. ok im back, yah she got booted but shes coming online again. mary is a blurty user too. her name is rolemodel16sp. you should chat with her sometime :o)

    woah that was weird... spme chick called for mr. kirshmire, not kirchmier. lol im like umm hes not here right now :o) kirchmier is brians last name lol. well, im gonna go, were getting some pretty wicked thunder storm over our heads right now. ttul

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