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~*~Beautiful¤Jeanna~*~ (beautifuljeanna) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 21:42:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:¤ c a u t e r i z e ¤

    ¤ c a u t e r i z e ¤
    here are some random quotes from the cauterize songs that im listening to. i was supposed to go to brians house, but i guess im staying home tonight :o)

    "morning always comes too quick when your around, when your around"

    "tear me open at the seems, take everything you need. take my heart if you like my beat. take my lungs if its hard to breathe"

    "wake me when its over, i dont feel much like crying tonight"

    "tell me that your leaveing, i dont feel much like holding you tight"

    "i love you even though i hate this thing that weve become, i need you, even though i could live without this"

    "i know that i should probally hurt so bad, but i dont feel a thing"

    "i know that i should probally say something, but i can barely breathe"

    "Im sorry if im giving up too easy, but i just dont have the strength to fight any more"

    ok im gonna go now bye bye

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