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Beautiful (beautiful04) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 23:20:00
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    I hate dumb bitches
    Ok first off, I am soo amazingly sick of all the stupid ass hoes who try to sleep with MY boyfriend. Especially ones that are friends with me. I am fuckin sick of it. Especially one named respect for anyone else's property. I am gettin married to him you sick fuck, stop trying to get him to sleep with you, he won't! Augh. I wanna slap the shit out of her and all the rest of u stupid girls who want him. Sometimes I wish that he was really ugly so no girl would want him, but I am glad that he's gorgeous, cuz he's mine and I get to sleep wit him. It just urks my shit that she doesn't respect that we're together. Fuckin whore. And to make it even nastier, she's his best friends EX GIRLFRIEND, and she slept with MY best friends boyfriend, what a slut. And she was married with a child, her being 16, and sleeping with like 5 other guys, god damn. FUck them all, i hate them. Im out

    Chyna Bitch

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