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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 20:35:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:brand new - sudden death in carolina

    CMU Band Day
    CMU this weekend was fun.. I stayed up until 3;00AM.. On the bus Donny jumped in my seat and I screamed.. then the bus driver turned on the lights and yelled at us because he kept switching seats and Jason looked at me and was like"What the heck were you doing?",,,, It was funny... I didn't do anything.. i was attacked.then I read them scary stories on the ride there.. of course the stories were just stupid. "I'm a crazy tiger" was so dumb it was funny!!!!
    When we went to eat at Taco Bell Rhi and me picked up a nutrional brochure!! it is filled with nifty facts.... and it also had the diabetic exchange!!!
    The next day we went to the rehearsal in the morning.. It was okay.. man some kids are really bad at guiding and stuff like that.... we were okay though.. the marching band at CMU is so cool...
    We did good during half time.. after the game we rode the bus again.. i fell asleep with Ender by Finch on repeat.. i woke up and fell back asleep 4 times in an hour and a half..then we ate.. me and rhi went to Taco Bell again...then we got back on the bus after we ate... and rode another hour and a half.. on the way i had my feet on the back of Alex Schlump's seat and he started kicking my leg.. so i kicked him back.. then he hit me and smiled and winked.. whatever that was about.. I dontknow....

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