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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 16:20:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:fall out boy -- sending postcards from a plane crash

    I was wish I was as invisible as you make me feel
    Well today has been good so far.. I am going to CMU in about 2 hours we will be leaving for nothing other than CMU Band Day!!! YAY!! 3 hours on a bus!!It will be fun though I am sure...
    Today at school I won my debate with Ashley we "Rocked the podium"! hee hee We didnt even get to talk about the things we wanted to yell at the other team about!!!!!!
    me and breanna were like "Wa Hoo" all day!! We must have said it more than 100 times!
    I almost fell asleep in Wahl's class today... I got marks from my bracelet all across my cheek.
    We watched Buffy in Mr. Hundey's class.. he was giving us a break from our papers.. He is so into Buffy it is hilarious! We were watching the "Hush" episode. .. when the gentlmen were chasing that one girl and she was knocking on doors for some one to help her and then it cut to a scene with buffy talking or something.. but right after that some one from the hallway knocked on the classroom door! everybody was looked right at the door and some one said "Look through the window before you open it"! it was pretty funny thin to happen...
    Some body looked and smiled at me in the hallway and when he passed and was far enough away I turned to tabetha and she was laughing and I said "Why did he do that? Nothing is going to happen between us!" it was funny because it was some one I sort of like but... well whatever.. he's got a girlfriend....
    A long story if you will.....

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2003-10-18 12:59 (link)
hey! u left a comment on my journal about the pics i used on my layout! well i found them here! just click on "multimedia" and go to images>>screencaps>>the last song! hope this helps!!

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2003-10-19 22:54 (link)
Thank you oh so very much!! I love you in a sisterly waY!!

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2003-10-20 18:57 (link)
ur very welcome! awww luv ya too [in a sisterly way! lol, we AAR fans gotta help each other out!!]

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yeah we do
2003-10-20 21:01 (link)
We must stick together... hee hee

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