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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 23:37:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:death cab for cutie - the secret stars

    Today I went to school. Oh my God can you believe it? I can't
    well today was okay, as far as school goes. I wrote two more poems.. I like them. they are in my other jounal... let me know if you want to read them.
    today after school I came home and slept I had this horrible headache all day because of the crappy rainy weather we had. I got up and finished writing my second draft of my paper for Hundey's class. In fact I just finished. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I am praying that I have no homework tomorrow so that I can come home read and sleep and of course update this!!!!
    I have been writing so much lately. i am actually considering maybe being a writer as a career, or a musician. I can not wait until I get my bass guitar. I want it so bad. I really want to start a band but I don't really know anyone else who would want to be in the type of band I want to be in or.. even play an instrument.... for it...
    I love laying down and listening to music.. i am most happy when either doing that.. writing.. or having awesome praise or worship at church.. those are the times I feel fufilled.
    CMU band day is this saturday.. I hope it is fun this year. I am going mainly just to be in a hotel away from my house for a weekend. just be on my own with my friends... but Janell is not going this year and I am deeply saddened. its just me and tabetha and rhiannon in a room together this year. Tabetha is sleepin in the bathtub...
    Tomorrow aw. crap the dang band competition.. so even if I have no homework I can not sleep and I am required to go the marching competition.. man dang everythime I think I am going to get a break from it all.. i have to do something like this... maybe I can write about it or something though. about standing in the cold and being forced to do something against your will while others sit and rate you... sounds like a good start!! Then i can write about the lonely bus ride because all my friends are sitting with their beloved other. Maybe I will get a chance to talk to other people.. maybe i will just listen to Bright Eyes!!! sounds good to me...

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