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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 23:19:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:taking back sunday - head club

    Missing Out??
    hmm I normally dont think this way but...
    Well I have never been kissed and I keep wondering if this means i am missing out?? i usually dont feel that way.. but you know what i mean.. all of my friends have and most everyone else has been kissed before too...
    It just makes me wonder...
    I mean it will happen when it is supposed too.. but still.. it would be nice..
    But i guess if i dont have it.. then it will be more special when i do get kissed.. but hey.. well i think you guys may understand what i have been thinking...
    by the way.. Frankenmuth was fun..I'll write more about it later

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2003-11-30 13:48 (link)
i haven't been kissed either! i don't think it's that big of a deal honestly, i mean it'll happen eventually! don't worry about it too much!

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2003-11-30 20:57 (link)

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did it not.......
2003-12-02 06:27 (link)
Did it not mean anything to you when I kissed you? :::tear::: totally j/k...........lil mini golf/soccer star of forever you will get kissed......when the time is right........everything happens for a reason......the only reason other people have that you know is because they are just easy.........mainly me........i never told you that....well i did.......but dont tell anyone that i did! another reason is because they dont have things going for them.....they are all just like too......well.....hmmmmmm......theres a word for it but its not in my vocabulary! if i have to get every guy in the world to kiss you i will......well......i hope i might have just might have made you feel better.............I WEAR SHOES SOON! I LIKE WEARING SOCKS!!!!!!! BARNEY, BABY BOP, and B.J!!!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?! WASHCLOTH!!!!!! love ya

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Re: did it not.......
2003-12-02 20:03 (link)
ha ha.. thanks janell.. hmmm ..Im not easy?? made me feel much better about that..
love ya
Oven mitt! ha ha

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