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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 17:09:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:hold- saves the day

    I'm back ...
    wow here i am actually typing in my journal again... its a beautiful thing
    today was pretty good. computer science went all right ..
    Today Kiernicki told me i was sweet.. I am glad he notices.. now only if he could tell all the other boys that! LoL
    I was thinking today..yep its true.. school wasnt as bad as usual..
    My family is all going to Frankenmuth for Thanksgiving and like my cousin Jacqueline said "im not too sure how i feel about the chicken dinner, instead of turkey. But the biscuits, well like corn bread, there ain't nothin wrong w/ that!"
    But i guess a little change wont hurt.. it'll be alright.. i think
    But anyways me and her will have fun I am sure swapping cds and stuff.. I wonder how her nose ring is doing... she got one this summer... her and kassi both before i could!! unfair! lol
    so yeah thats whats going on...
    Oh and what is it about the song "Hold" by Saves the Day where I can just put it on repeat and listen to it over
    and over and over..???? hmm I wonder
    If you have any ideas please comment.. or if you have a song like that.. please notify me in the proper fashion!!!

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2003-11-24 19:50 (link)
yay ur heeerrrrreeeeeee!!! i'm sure all the other guys know how sweet u are. i'm sure NICK KNOWS!!

i've never heard "hold". i shall download it! let's see, what's a song i can listen to on repeat......right now i'm gonna say it's either "breathe on me" by britney spears [quite shocking i know], "guernica" by brand new, oooooooor....hmmm. and probably "what if" by the plain white ts [<33333]. those are my songs of the moment!!

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