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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 10:30:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:the Simpsons.. my brother and his friend are watching it!

    Last Night she said...
    Yes last night was so awesome.. Veronica came over and I helped her with her poetry.. but the funny thing is we did that for like only a half hour!! Kendra was here because she slept over Thursday night.. even I had school.. she just hung out with my mom and grandma all day (we go to a different school.. her school had teacher conferences)
    So we had so much fun.. This was the first time Veronica had ever been over my house. We knew each other last year but we just started talking to each other a couple days ago!! She is really cool though. i like her a lot. So another funny thing is that I had never asked her about her religion or anything and last night she asked me... Guess what she is a Christian too!! We believe in a lot of the same things.. next Sunday I am probably going to visit her church.
    So Veronica and kendra slept over.. We went to get her stuff from her house. My mom talked to her mom while we got what she needed. Kendra scared Sal so much. She was all hyper and doing her crazy Kendra thing!! He just had the look of fear on his face like "Get her out of here" ha ha.. I kept saying "Sal I am so sorry you had to bear witness to this".. which was pretty funny because i kept apologizing and he's like 'Rachel it's ok" ha ha.. Wow it was pretty funny though. she like just comes into his room and starts looking at all his stuff and Kendra didn't even know him!! ha ha
    Then when we got home, we talked and listened to music and stuff like that.. We had macaroni and cheese at 1:00 in the morning .. Well i have to go..
    I'll check back in later.. I might go to the mall tonight with Veronica, Vikki, Janell , and Ally so.. I'll tell you about that if it happens!!

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