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Rachel (Wheeler) (beaupy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 18:41:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:death cab for cutie - a movie script ending

    Okay read this ... even though you probably think it is very annoying....
    On preferences
    >>Mt. Dew or Surge? mt. dew
    >>McDonalds or Burger King? burger king
    >>Coke or Pepsi? pepsi
    >>Rather marry perfect lover or perfect friend? well my perfect lover would be my perfect friend... hee hee
    >>Sweet or sour? sweet
    >>Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper? Dr. pepper
    >>Tea or coffee? coffee
    >>Cats or dogs? cats.. because i have nine
    >>Ocean or pool? pool
    >>Cool Ranch or Nacho cheese? nacho cheese
    >>Mud or Jell-O wrestling? jell-o because you can eat it too
    >>With or without ice cubes? with ice cubes...
    >>White milk or chocolate? chocolate milk!!!!
    >>Rain or shine? i like them both.. depends on my mood.. i guess
    >>Top or bottom? can i answer that???
    >>Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall? fall
    >>Vanilla or chocolate? how bout a twist??
    >>Skiing or snowboarding? i have never done either.. but snowboarding is more fun to watcH!
    >>Biking or blading? biking
    >>Cake or cookies? cookies (ha ha jake)
    >>Car or truck? car
    >>Night or day? night
    >>Gloves or mittens? the gloves that have the flap that turns them into mittens!!!
    >>Pager or cell phone? cell phone.. i wish i had one
    >>Bunk bed or waterbed? ... i used to have a bunk bed!
    >>Chewing gum or hard candy? gum
    >>Motorboat or sailboat? sail boat
    >>Lights on or off? off
    What's your favorite...?
    >>What's your favorite color? hot pink
    >>What's your favorite number? I dont have one...
    >>What's your favorite drink? water... mt.dew Code Red
    >>What's your favorite animal? Well I really like penguins.. and tigers.. and hippos are cool...
    >>What's your favorite holiday? christmas
    >>What's your favorite quote? "people to weak to follow their dreams will always make fun of yours" who said that???
    >>What's your favorite sound? a person's voice
    >>What's your favorite ice cream flavor? does hot fudge count???
    >>What's your favorite song? well lately.. death cab for cutie - wait (the secret stars)
    >>What's your favorite movie? I have to many favorites.. but i love the ninja turtles....
    >>What's your favorite board game? life
    >>What's your favorite scent? cucumber melon.. as of now
    >>What's your favorite shape? stars
    >>What's your favorite texture? smooth
    >>What is ur house going to look like? a house??
    >>Where do you want to live? by the ocean and have a little private beach that would be cool
    >>How many kids do you want to have? however many I have
    >>What does your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend look like? I dont have a set look in mind.. I really dont think too much about that...
    >>How do they act? the way that my ideal boyfriend acts..??
    >>What's your dream date? Sitting on a blanket by the ocean watching the waves roll in and looking at the stars...while holding each other and talking .... that would be perfect...
    >>Do you like to call or be called? be called
    >>Move anywhere, where would it be? probably anywhere but here...
    >>Who would you want to come with you? my mom... i love her...
    >>Buy any car, what would it be? i dont care as long as it works....
    >>Which of your friends is funniest? janell
    >>Which of your friends is the sweetest? i dont know.. are any of them sweet??
    >>Which of your friends is the laziest? rhi?? i have no idea...
    >>Which of your friends is the smartest? Alex Russell... hands down
    >>Which of your friends is the prettiest? caitlin is so cute!
    >>Which of your friends is the most talkative? janell.....
    >>Which of your friends is the shyest? I dont think any of my friends are shy.. Christa is quiet...
    >>Which of your friends is the meanest? rhiannon is rude if that counts....
    >>Which of your friends has the nicest house? well i dont think about who has the best house..
    >>Which of your friends has the cutest laugh? i never thought about that!
    >>Which of your friends has the meanest siblings? i dont know
    >>Which of your friends has the nicest siblings? i dont know
    >>Which of your friends do you spend the most time talking to? janell
    >>Which of your friends whines the most? CHAD!
    >>Which of your friends has the best taste in clothes? janell.. i think
    >>Which of your friends has the worst taste in guys/girls? Tabetha...
    >>Which of your friends has the best taste in guys/girls? ME!!!! (if i count as my own friend.. oh well i guess i do)
    Have you ever...?
    >>Been in love? Nope... not yet
    >>Been in a quiet room and screamed so there would be some noise? not a scream but made a loud noise...
    >>Left the country? I've been to Canada!!! WooHoo!
    >>Gone out in your pajamas? yes.. shh.. no one really knows.. that...
    >>Set yourself or a body part on fire? Well yes.. who hasn't
    >>Started dancing when there was no music? Of course i have ... havent you?
    >>Pretended you were an opera singer? no
    >>Kept a secret from everyone? yes
    >>Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire? nope but its always been an aspiration
    >>Crashed into a public wall? yeah and it was embarrassing...
    >>Ever cried at a "chick flick"? yes...
    >>Had a crush on a teacher? heh no
    >>Done something stupid to impress your crush? i don't recall
    >>Laughed so hard you've cried? yes
    >>What was it? the stupid thing??? OMG a talking muffin!! (Janell)
    >>Found a cartoon character attractive? who has?? come on...
    >>At anytime owned a "New Kids On The Block" tape? no but BSB is just as bad....
    >>Called or seen a psychic? nope
    >>Acted out of the ordinary? yeah
    >>Prank called someone? yes with Nathan
    >>Gotten in a car? uhhh yeahh
    >>Fallen down the stairs? at Kassi's old house!! it was so funny.. yet akward and embarrasing...
    >>Seen the Eiffel Tower? only in a picture
    >>E-mail address(s)? have you ever email addresses?? that makes no sense at all...
    >>Pets? 9 cats... 1 dog... she feels very alone i am sure
    In the last 24 hours have you...?
    >>Cried? no.. but ive been sad
    >>Laughed? yes
    >>Sneezed? yep
    >>Helped someone? yea
    >>Cut your hair? heck no...
    >>Worn a skirt? nope
    >>Worn a tie? nope
    >>Been sarcastic? Um.. let me think about that one.....
    >>Gone to the movies? nope
    >>Said "I love you"? of course
    >>Written a letter? no
    >>Written a paper? yeah
    >>Watched your favorite movie? no
    >>Had a serious talk? sort of...
    >>Missed someone? i guess i have
    >>Hugged someone? nope
    >>Had a nightmare? it was sort of scary if i think about it
    >>Fought with your parents? yepp
    >Fought with a friend? does locking your friend out of his own car count???
    Do you believe in...
    >>God/Devil? yes/yes
    >>Yourself? most of the time
    >>Aliens? no
    >>Destiny? maybe...
    >>Signs? signs.of what??
    >>True Love? yea
    >>The closet monster? not any more
    >>One person for everyone? yes
    >>Big Bang Theory? nope
    >>Evolution? nope
    >>Government conspiracies? if i said yes... could the government find out???
    >>That squirrels are evil? only when they jump out from guardrails...
    When was the last time you...?
    >>Wished upon a star? when janell slept over and we layed on the porch
    >>Laughed until you cried? Janell and me at the computer.. a talking muffin?? how dumb...
    >>Played Truth or Dare? well last year at Tabethas
    >>Watched a sunrise/sunset? i dont remember.. exactly..
    >>Spent quality time alone? last night
    >>Read a book for fun? a day ago
    >>Told someone you loved them? my mom this morning.. and janell yesterday...
    >>Ditched a friend? I haven't done that
    >>Showered? last night.. and I am going to take another one soon.. I swear!!
    >>Did something out of character? i dont know
    >>The last CD in your CD player? an emo mix i made myself...

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