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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-06-02 21:52:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:I MISS YOU MIX

    " drive all night to hold you tight"
    so things were great for a few days.. i picked up sarah and brought her back here for the weekend.. then spent the nite with her monday and came home tuesday.. it was great.. but it sucks to say goodbye i hate it... nothing hurts more...i an only imagine and think how things would be if she was closer.. or ..
    sigh but now things are just suckful again... everything just seems to be going wrong or whateva..
    did hit the beach with my mom yesterday ... weather sucked but we shopped a bit .. nice for a change of pace..
    i cant decide if i miss school or not..cause i know when we go back its going to be going to be so swamped... but things have a way of working out... i have to go back a week early... should be alright cause alot of my friends should be there already.. but i dunno..
    i love home.. i just want kevin and sarah and rachel and everyone here.. that would be the best summer ever if that was the case..
    hopefully ill see sarah in a week or so b4 she goes away.. or else it will be over a month til i see her.. and ic ant do that...
    it doesnt help that i made a mix called the "i miss you mix" lol its a real upper u can imagine...

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2005-06-04 15:23 (link)
I love you. :o)

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