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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-04-11 10:54:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Fall out boy

    " tonight the headphones will you deliver the words i can't say"

    what to say and where to start!!
    lets say i have the worst spring fever in the histroy of this world... its worse then any senioritits i had... im have so much fun... to much proabaly for my own good..
    things cant get much better.. but sadly i think they will get worse.. sarah has to go away for like all the rest fo the weekends..
    which is only like 4 i cant believe this ... 4 weeks and like 5 days left.. you have got to be kidding me.. all these years wondering about college and such and now one year is almost done... soo crzy...anyway..
    what have i been doing.. well i worked on play two weeks ago.. so much fun.. the cast party was fucking ridiculous.. i havent ever had that much fun.. too bad it was saturday when we had to turn the clocks back and we lost an hour.. nehow.. it was fun we drank and ran around the theater for hours like it was our business... i think we left around 6 am FUN FUN TIMES..last week was pretty messed up i only had class on monday thursday and friday.. the weather was awesome and the yankees started playing again!! soo happy..
    this past weekend.. well i almost died friday nite... yeah.. it was bad.. mayb not that bad.. but people were scared for me.. and i must say it was a balckout! neway.. saturday got up ancd went to the mall with sarah and kevin and rachel.. fun time making fun of pplz dressing up in hot topic and gettin our pictures takend with the huge fuzzy rabit.. damn stupid kids toys for being soo hard to play with..
    bought sarah gifts yay.. hope she likes them.. yesterday was just a lazy day watched the yankess.. tried to study.. laid in the sun with sarah and shri and diane.. and then tried to study again.. sarah came over round 830 distracted me in more ways then one.. i kicked her out so i could study.. or attempt to again.. no use.. i cant bring my self to work.. just guess what i should be doing now!!! yeah studying..
    neway ill get to that now.....
    one more thing i love my cd collection.. im gaining cds liek its my job.. gotta go get more from brian soon.. like against me and the other dropkick murphys.. o and im converting saraH!! shes a yankee fan now.. and im burning her dashboard.. haha its a starting point.!! neway
    i hope the weather stays this nice.. its mu favorite by far!!

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