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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-03-23 10:36:00
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    Current mood:nothing i can name
    Current music:death cab for cutie ~ transatlanticism

    "i was searching for some legal document as the rain beat down on the hood"
    its a rainy day.. rainy days mean.. death cab for cutie and chai.. yay chai is done..
    so now that i have my chai..
    i have noticed somthing the hour and a half i have been awake.. the days that you label right away as horrible seldom end up that way..
    i woke up late.. my alarm didnt go off..could find my fav shirt...( still cant).. cant find my fav jacket.. ( think kevin has it) .. was almot late for class... ( made it)
    for a few minutes this morning was the day from hell.. nuttin went right..
    but i found my coat.. got econ class cancelled for friday ( only after he made the homework lil more difficult)
    so now its just another wednesday.. gotta know my monolouge ( o fuck just burned my tounge on chai) then sum stupid spanish quiz.. today wolnt be great u but it wolnt suck.. i dont think .. i wolnt get to see sarah.. my poor grl has a stupid paper to do all over again.. err.. wish i could save her from ever doing a paper again..
    what else is goin on.. last nite was a make or break nite for kevin.. im not sure how it went.. he just simply said it went.. he still sounded frustrated.. guess ill get the details in about 45 minutes...
    i also sent an im to and old friend to see how she is... i was thinkin about her cause it was her birthday along with jacks on monday...she is away so we shall see what she thinks later..
    last nite for me was intresting.. i fell in love... it was amazing.. i cant really describe the feelings.. cause there are more then one.. it wasnt extreme happiness.. cause there was a lil sadness.. it was like realization of how much one preson means.. like discovering her all over again..knowing and accepting that i need her and only her.. realizing its tru that things just arnt as funny.. arnt as meaningful.. and basically arnt worth doing if shes not there.. i missed her then.. and i miss her a ton now..
    stupid paper...ok well i need to read my monolouge

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