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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-03-14 22:55:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:our cd

    " the warmth that we shared together"
    neway so back to updating..
    yay for spring break!... def spent it in Fla. again Wheee..
    so what did i do! well
    sunday we flew into jacksonville and were picked up by my dads parents.. went to st augustine and shopped and then went to out back for dinner! it was soooo good. i ate so much soup blooming onion, two 8 oz pork chops sweet potatoe mash potatoe and a lobster tail it was awesome..
    then we spent the nite with them..
    monday got up and went to the store.. precceded then to drop off my mom at my other grandparents. i went back to the others and we went up to the beach for a tour of the fort.. it was sooo fucking cold on the boat ride over to the little fort.. but it was kool.. on the way i got a call from my mom telling me i could get my tattoo that nite! wheee.. i went and got it done at 4 it took about 1 and half it looks absolutely amazing!! then spent the nit eagin with my dads parents..
    tuesday i got up and we dropped my mom off for her tattoo.. which is also awesome btw.. after that we went to daytona with my moms parents..saw mainstreet which was full of bikers and motorcycles.. it was awesome.. four a whole mile it was nuttin but bikes lined up all down the street.. we then went to the mall where my grandma was almost abducted!! funny funny story..pop bought me the brand new shirt i always wanted woot for it being on sale like 50% off..
    went home and ate dinner..played cards!! always fun though i lost after winning the whole time!
    wednesday it was rainy and we didnt do much.. my moms cousin and aunt and uncle came and we went to dinner and bought me alcohol!
    thursday we got up and wet to tampa for the long awaited wedding!!
    three hour drive and then that nite we had a party.. my mom got trashed drinking whisky! so much fun..
    friday was wasted.. we tried to go to a flea market and it was only open on sat and sun.. went for coffee and then laid by the pool yay for looking like i got burned with out it hurting!! i got sum wicked funny looking tan marks the band aides i put on my old tattoo so it didnt fade.. and a cross burned into my chest from my necklace..then went shopping and i got an awesome blues brothers poster!
    sat we got up for the wedding went to the flea market since the ceramony wasnt until 4 then partied after the wedding.. i drank so much.. rum whiskey jello shots champagne beer. haha danced and had a great time ... so much funny video footage! after that we drove home.. i was pretty drunk...tried to buy cigars only to find it was like 11 and all the stores were closed.. we changed and then went to the after party.. wasnt gonna stay long but ended up talking til 2 in the morn with sum awesome pplz.
    it wa sawesome there were so many pplz named dave or chuck it was hilarious.. i had a great time and def got to kno my moms cousin better and even though he is like 36 we had an awesome time together.. hes soo cool..
    not to metion dave and christin from atlanta..
    sunday it was time to go home.. long day..
    went to the airport.. left my awesome cowboy hat in the car.. bought a new necklace and then got on the plane.. it came in early got home ate and packed and went home and by that i mean school.. got bck here around 9 saw sarah and then went to bed so tired.. woke up to a stupid econ quiz.. other then that a good day.. tommorrow i shall finsih my paper so i dont have to worry about it.. and then be able to go home with sarah this weekend whee..
    so yay long long entry.. happy times.. yay..
    btw i love sarah soo much.. hehe shes soo great..
    " yeah but he will still be with in 50 mile radius of u"
    i love cuddle time.. so warm hehe neway thats enough about that..
    but she does get prettier every time i come back from not seeing her for a while!!
    ok thats enough of this..

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