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these exiled years (beatles4evr64) wrote,
@ 2005-02-07 16:47:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:greenday

    " this much i know is true"
    yay for a very good weekend... living like we r married already eh... hmm i dont think its like that haha..
    o well.. whateva haha.. its quite funny to not get outa bed until 330 wish amy would leave more often..
    damn her for only goin away once..
    annoys the hell out me that she has to rub it in my face.... if i hear one more texas story im gonna drop kick her out the window.. o well lol.. how do i really feel?!?!
    neway my weekend was superb.. not exactly how i imagined it.. but it was free of drama.. fighting.. drunkenness and nething else.. it was just nice and fun and loving..
    "so what would u let me do first"
    " i absolutely hate you... no i dont.. actualy u could do nething to me right now and i would object"
    " we gotta buy more then just wipped cream"
    " bowling champion was the pizza grl"
    " i should have sent kevin"
    " what if i had quintuplets...we could name them after the alphabet.. A b c d e"
    " icamafuna (sp?) doenst start with a b c d e"
    " * choking noise*"
    many good times and conversations.. i loved it.. but now alas it is committed to memory.. gonna get real busy around here... shes got crew.. i got a massive amout of shit to do.. only gonna gt worse if we decided to pledge... which i really would like to do.. but i gotta talk to kevin and brian a lil more.. i think it will be awesome if we all go together!! neway i must start reading.. not much else to do.. sarah is at crew... * SIGH*...
    sry i couldnt resist!!!

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