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Bumblebee Tuna (beastofburden) wrote,
@ 2004-10-31 03:20:00
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    "Give me Novacaine."
    I meant to post several times. But, things seemed to have another thing in mind. On Wednesday I was in major pain...clutching my gut for hours until I fell asleep. Why? I'm not happens time to time...has for a long time...years. Yes, I've seen a doctor about such things...and it seems to be in my genetic makeup to be in lots of pain. It sucks a lot. I don't much care for doctors either..and I hate pain. Anyway, I couldn't even sit to it wasn't going to happen. Though, I was fine if I was laying down. Luckily, the pain had left when I awoke. Nice. It hasn't returned so I'm thrilled.

    Beyond this...I've been madly busy yet still. I can't remember crap either. I keep forgetting to do an assignment. I really must do it tomorrow. I'm ready for the semester to end...not like next will be better...but I'm ready for this to cease. I'm about to sign up for classes...Monday I hope....if all goes well.

    I'm sleepy. I'm about to least I hope.

    Colly went to Chicago. I haven't gotten details...though she stated she would like to talk to me...and I have been unable to get ahold of her. Therefore, I believe she doesn't want to talk to me that badly. I've now left her two yeah.....I guess she wants me to shut up...or she changed her mind or something. I'm unsure, but I'm not into such comes off hurtful.

    In other news..HALLOWEEN...COSTUMES....CANDY...AND DRUNKEN PEOPLE. That's right. I witnessed all already. Good fun. Personally, I feel the drunken people are kind of scary after awhile. I also think I ate too much candy...but I'm a sucker for chocolate. All well.


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2004-10-31 14:27 (link)
Do you really think games are being played with you, dear? I don't imagine anyone wants you to shut up.

And I'm very sorry you were in such pain. I take it the doctor never told you anything useful?? I dunno, that sort of thing doesn't just happen. I know you don't care for doctors, but maybe a second opinion would be good?

Sigh. That's all I can say, really. Oh, and I'm very glad you're still alive. I worry about these things.

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2004-10-31 17:19 (link)
I don't know. I probably wouldn't know if someone were playing games with me. I just don't like the thought.

As for the doctor...well I've been to a few about the issue. They all say the same thing really. It's in my genes and I need to change my diet to deal with it. I've tried doing so...but I haven't time to have a healthy I just have to deal with it from time to time. I don't know what else to do and no doctor seems to be giving me an easy solution....I don't think they want to. Personally, I'm sure there is an easy way to handle it, but I figure they just want me to suffer.

Thank you. I'm sorry to make you worry. How are you? Are you alright?

Happy Halloween.

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2004-10-31 17:36 (link)
You don't have to say, Jamie, but what have they diagnosed to be the problem? Is it a stomach thing? Intestinal? If it's intestinal, I could probably offer a bit of advice...both my mother and sister have serious bowel issues. I would hope it isn't that, though.

And you didn't make me worry, it's just what I'm good at. Thank you for asking how I am. I'm...alright, I guess. I don't know. I'm very stressed at the moment. I'm supposed to be writing a ten-page paper on "the role of actuality in Book Z of Aristotle's Metaphysica." Yeah. That's due Wednesday and I've still barely started. I'm starting to freak out about it, I think. I wish I could say that at least once I got through it I'd have a chance to rest and recover, but no. Not at all. This next month or so is going to be the death of me, it seems. Okay, I'll stop talking now. But please know I'm not playing with you and never have. I just want you to be alright. (And that isn't to imply someone else has, I just want you to know that I haven't.)

Hugs. And thank you, happy Halloween to you too, dear.

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2004-11-01 16:11 (link)
Um...refer to e-mail. Hope your Halloween was lovely. Mine was fairly jolly.

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2004-10-31 14:57 (link)
Um. Phones don't always work...but I'm too tired to be apologetic. Rest assured, I will be later, Baby. :)

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2004-10-31 17:23 (link)
I don't know. It seemed like the phone was working just fine and everything. It rang forever both times and I left a message. So, it seemed in working order. I just figured you were all, "Screw off." And...that confused and upset me. I hope everything is okay. I was concerned about you as things were just kind of mounting. Oh, thanks for the pics lady. I have yet to have mine developed. I will soon. I'll have a bunch to develop at once, including halloween pics. Woo. Once they are developed, I will be sure to get Holiday World pics to you via person or mail. I hope to maybe stop in and at least say howdy on/around Thanksgiving...ya know if it's okay with everyone.

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2004-10-31 19:54 (link)
I'm so confused I could cry right now.

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2004-11-01 16:06 (link)
Me too. :(

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2004-11-02 16:15 (link)
...and I don't play games with people (apart from 'crap'). I have lots of other crappy traits, I'm sure. ...but I don't have the attention span for games.

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2004-11-02 16:16 (link)
Oh yeah... and a lack of interest. Believe it or not, I try not to make people unhappy.

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