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Kayti (beaches720) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 20:20:00
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    Current mood:contemplative
    Current music:Let you down, DMB

    the weekend....
    well, friday was pretty uneventful... I was so excited cause my roommate was goin home for the weekend, and then she couldn't get a ride (grrr), but I decided to make some salmon, and it came out realllly good, so that made me happy.... Saturday I had to work 9-5 at the library, I got pretty bored, I typed 16 pages of notes from my history of Germany class. then I did some geneology research, but I couldn't get any good leads, so I stopped. Then I started lookin at a bunch of health websites, about what foods are good to eat and stuff, so now (me and my OCD) I'm goin nuts counting calories for everything I eat....Anyways, Sat night was fun... me and meg and katie and denise all went down to our girl nikki's house. Nobody really sees eachother anymore, so it was a fun lil reunion. Only we didn't get home till like 3am, so I slept till 1 pm, and that wasn't any good cause I didn't have a very productive day... well, I worked out, but I didn't go tanning or do much work... oh well.. so I talked to Tim today (well, typed, online) He said nothings wrong, but I dunno.. I think things are pretty much ending... just a gut feeling... When I get insecure about a relationship, it always causes trouble too, cause I'll start cheating on him just so I have somethin to fall back on... its horrible of me, and I know I do it, but I still can't help it.... For the 6 months we've been dating, I've been completly well behaved (except for the night I hung out w Saias and he kissed me), but I haven't chilled with him since, and I haven't done anything else bad. But now that I'm getting worried he doesn't like me, and I talked to my english boy the other day, and I still talk to Tommy here and there.... I just know somethins gonna happen... grrr... and I keep pretending to everyone that things are great with him, the only people that know Tim's bein weird are meg and ben (I wasn't planning on even telling Ben, but he called me today, and he knows me so well, he could hear it in my voice and kept asking what was wrong)... I miss Ben... I wish he was home more so I could see him... but then again, I think Natalie would be around more and I'd here from him even less... Anyways, I need to stop thinkin about all this, back to my homework.....

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