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bathroomwall (bathroomwall) wrote,
@ 2002-12-04 13:15:00
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    i'm in class. well- imbetween classes actually. i have a final in 45 minutes, (yuck) so i'm in a bad mood. i hate this school. i can' t wait until it's over. and it's not even like i hate the school itself- i just hate the situation i'm in, which happens to involve the school- thus the school must be associated with some form of hate. i can't wait to start my new job. :) the only thing that sucks is getting up at 5am but i'll deal. no more late nights, kristi. i feel so... useless.

    chuck was amazing to be with last night. he followed me home (after i had just dropped him off!) and whisked me with a kiss. i was supposed to study for my finale but instead we went back to his house and lay in his bed until 2 in the morning. he told me he loved me- again. i've heard this at most 10 times (him being extremely selective of when he says it.) i melted in his bed sheets.

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