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J Bar (barlowj) wrote,
@ 2004-03-02 12:53:00
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    Current mood:blank
    Current music:Knockin' on Heaven's door -Guns'n'Roses

    Ode to thoob
    Sorry, I got the late Weekender right here.

    It actually started like last wednesday. I think we just chilled in the dorms and drank some you know. Not a bad start though. Which Went into Thursday

    Talk about a thursty thirsday
    The night started with, me, zach, and a 1.75 of Captan Morgan. The night ended, w/ me eating breakfast w/ a random person at 7:30. I'll tell you how i got from point A to point drunken breakfast eating. I owed Zach 12 dollars, and so a bottle of captan is actually 23.99. Perfect I figure, w/ the coke it was like 26 dolla's. Yay. We started givin'er at like 7 or 8, in our room just chillin'. then we took a walk over to Lauren's room. We partied in there for a bit, and the migrated next door to Hollie's room. I don't know what time that was at, but i was getting drunk. The rumor is I talked to Dre for a little while, I don't really have a memory from like 1 or 2 to about 5. Then I went down stairs and talked to the random girl at the front desk for oh, a couple hours. I've talked to her before, she's cool. I had to return a pot and a culinder. And it was late, (What?). So i figured she'd hook it up and mark it not late or what ever but, my name was highlighted. So i hung out down there for a couple hours and we ate breakfast at like 7 or so. I then went to bed. It was a good twelve hour night.

    Friday came.
    Zax cousin came from the cities, his name is Adam, Adam's sort of crazy. we were getting drunk in the dorms at like 8 then our plan was to go hit the town you know. Around 9 a bunch of guys left to go party. They were back at 9:15. Yup nothin was goin on. So we kept goin and someone was like hey. Lets go to Eau Claire. We were all game and luckily we found a ride from a guy who wasn't drinking. we left at like 11 or so. We got there at like 11:30. None of us could get a hold of any of our friends who live there. Till I was like hey let's go to towers and I'll see if Grebe's in his room. We were standing in front of a door, when we saw some guys, and they were like Ya 4 South, I was like whoa. Hey you two know A guy name Jason Grebe. He was pretty wasted so I got this "FUCK YA, HE'S MY MUTHA FUCKIN' NEIGHBOR MAN." I'll get you up stairs. We followed him up and Elliot, Jason's roommate was there. So He's like ya you can chill out here for a little bit until Jason come.

    About 5 minutes later Grebe comes to the door and is like WHAT'S UP. I then hung out w/ him for the rest of that night, we crashed around like 6 or so. I didn't get to drunk. the night before kinda upped the Tolerance you know. We proceeded to sleep until about 4:30 on Saturday

    4:30 on Saturday. We went to a cool head shop called Truckers in Eau Claire. It was like Satori's. Then we went to a Coffee shop. On our way to Truckers the guy who was driving got pulled over. His liscence plates were suspended. Apparently he had about 20-25 unpaid parking tickets. It was kind of funny, but sucked for him.
    Me and Grebe walked back to the dorms then and got some food and it was the start of our night at about 8 when we left to go to a party. We were the first one's there basically. There was literally one other guy who showed up before us. Getting drunker and drunker more and more people showed up, by 8:45 it was packed wall to wall. whoa. Crazy.

    We got back to the dorms around 2 or so, and went down the hall to play some drinking games. We licked the other team in Hocky, in two games the first game 9 to 0, second game 8 to 0. I say damn. Then we played indian. Which was the first time I've ever played. I taught them guys Stack'um after that, because apparently no one outside of Little Chute has ever played that. No one from here knew how to play it either. Grebe disappeard at like 3 or 4. Those guys decided they weren't going to bed until after breakfast again. I figured what the hell. I got some people to hang out with for the next like 3 or 4 hours. 7 O'clock rolls around and we hit up Hardee's Breakfast. It was damn good. Got back to the dorms round 7:30 or so and hit the hay. Atleast I remember that night.

    Sunday was my Peice of Shit day.
    Jacksquat got done while i was in Eau Claire. Then I got back here around 9:15 and Jack Squat got done here also.

    Now I must Include Monday and a little preview of tonite in here. Starting w/ last night Monday.
    Alright, Alright. I went to my classes yesterday, and Got back here. The plan was we were supposed to party with Lauren and Them girls for Jessica's birthday which was yesterday. We got our beer, while they went out to eat and getting their beer. We were like what the shit, let's start before they get back. We had a good 3 or 4 beers in us, and they apparently decided not to drink because the birthday girl had a test at 8 this morning. Booo. We were like fuck it and kept going. Hansel and Lauren Joined us and they left at like 1. Zach went to nate's at like 1, and Me and mike played woods for another like 10 mintues and he left. I threw in Fight club and some soup. When Ryan came over. He's Hans' roommate, He heard noises waited for a quite spot and then left.
    I went to bed at like 2 and was like hey, you can chill here and sleep on our futon if you want, If you leave lock the door and i was out like a light bulb.

    Now today I made'er to my first class adn I still have one more in a couple hours. I get to listen to speeches for a good 45 minutes. Woo hoo. I gave my last thursday. Ha, let's have a laugh about last thursday. Then after my class tonite, we're gonna have a couple here, and go to a party, hope fully B-day girl doesn't puss out again.

    There, I hope I went over and above for you Thoob. Chelsie is a sexy biotch.

    Your lord and Master,

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Who Me?
2004-03-15 23:17 (link)
I hope that you only know one Chelsie, and that comment better be about me!! Just kidding, but if it isn't me you should probably check the spelling because the whole "ie" ending isn't very common. Anyways, sounds like you had a pretty interesting weekend...keep up the good work, and come here to visit!

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