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Supposed former infatuation junkie (barbiesaslut) wrote,
@ 2005-01-03 11:55:00
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    New years resolutions
    Heres this years resolutions that i had decided to make , mostly on a beer mat with rachel doing the same in the polar central new years eve. Since then some have been broken.

    1- Stop Smoking as its disgusting although ultimately satisfying (of course its all in the mind)
    was smoking as it reached midnight so thought i would try again next month.

    2- Drink Less
    could actually stick with that one

    3- Be nicer
    am being so to most people

    4- Swear less
    fuck that till next year

    5- Go to church
    I endured Church during the christmas period. Will attend confession over the next few weeks.

    6- Save some money
    not so far

    7- Avoid watching so much daytime tv when im in. (except murder she wrote and father dowling)
    ...and perhaps Doctors. May also have to watch escape to the country. Other than that of course.


    8- Return or burn remaining items of all ex boyfriends property.
    working on that one

    9- Eat more ryvita and jog every single day
    am eating more ryvita at least

    10- Make an effort to be less stubborn and or sarcastic
    yeah ok then

    11- Be the most amazing girlfriend
    Of course i am

    12- Remember not to bother making resolutions next year as all are ultimately broken.

    13- No drugs! hmm

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