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Supposed former infatuation junkie (barbiesaslut) wrote,
@ 2005-01-02 17:08:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:rem

    Have deleted the old journal , im not sure why , guess it just seemed irrelevant.
    Christmas was quite good , as was new year .
    Mark has forced me to update this diary but i don't really know what to say , infact i have alot to say but don't want to.
    Confirmation for all those who thought it was a rumour , tom and i are engaged.
    So i just be the happiest woman on the planet and all that ?.
    Last night his bad side came out for a while before my night shift.and im paying for it now. Whats weird as before i would get really upset but now im actually used to it.
    Guess he's no worse than i can be.
    This all sounds depressing , what right do i have to feel low when there is actually a huge tragedy unfolding on the planet.
    marks taking me out tonight with ab and charlei which should be very good.
    Have charleis west end tickets for her although she knows about it so someones in trouble , grrr. saying that i could of told her the other night.

    what else? still going to uni in september . Ireland am unsure about . Really have to be off as mark is heading towards my underwear drawer.

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