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*..::..* Baby Grl *..::..* (bandanababe) wrote,
@ 2003-01-25 19:08:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    hey i know its been a while i have juss been on the go like there was never gonna be a tomorrow...i really havent been on the computer either...juss too damn busy....Thursday i went to the clubhouse with my mom and cook for 42 people...yes 42....i might be going with her monday....::i get to see jim:: and i get to see jeremy well i might see him tomorrow so its all good hehe
    yea i am juss soooo BLAH i have been walking around in a stupor since thursday....i had fun at the club...i really im getting my Community Service outta the way b4 i get it i wont have to do it when it is issued....i think i have like 34 hours so far so YAY!! hehe...ok well newho is there really nething new nopper i juss thought id do an update to let yall know how i am but i do have one shout out
    *..::..* Meggy-Hey i know my comments to u are little to nothing but i do want u to know that i am here for u no matter what...if nething has got u down i wanna try and help i know i may not be the best helper ya know...but seeing u go through all this pain i juss feel like there is something i can do....but when i think there is nothing i can do i feel horrible....i juss want u to know the best thing i can do is be here for u and let u juss talk and i can try and help...i know i always say keep ur chin high and how hard this may be but its the only thing i can say i am at a loss for words...i havent gone through what u are going through so i really dont know what to say and thats why i say keep ur chin high...and when i find those fuckers that put that meat in ur yard they are gonna pay...u ahve gone through so much shit lately and u dont need nemore....u need a nice vacation....away from it all and u DESERVE it trust me...u are a wonderful person u have been there for me and i can only return the favor!!! its the LEAST i could do...Girl i luv ya like ur my blood take it easy!!!*..::..*

    thats about it meggy i hope u read this!!!

    lose yourself

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2003-01-26 15:37 (link)
awwww ur s0o0o0o sweet hehe

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2003-01-26 20:42 (link)
i try...

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2003-01-31 00:18 (link)
awww i did hehe i did!!

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