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aaron "bam" fannning (bamfan) wrote,
@ 2004-02-27 23:37:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:cky-96 quite bitter beings

    well its about midnight here in rhode island and i cant stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend iyonna. i liked her for so long and when she dumped her boyfriend for me i was so happy. i went over to her house the friday we started to go out. we madeout and hugged and all that mushy crap. then about a week later she dumped me for my best friend. well here i am one and a 1/2 months later still thinking about her. she dumped me for my best friend. i guess i will never forget her cuz she is the first girl i made out with. well today her and my ex-best firend went to the movies i couldnt get the fact out of my head that my friend would do a thing like that. and she would too! well, i say screw it i dont need dumbass friends like h-i-m. the thing that rele pisses me off is that she flirts with me sooo much in class and then when shes around her friends she acts so damn mean to me. i mean she went out with me and kissed me so she has no right to be mean like that. i mean, come on , she dumped me. i should be the one acting like a jerk here. let me explain this whole thing it gets a lil confusing . on friday we start to go out. the next friday she dumps me for this scrubby kid jared. then she dumpd him for this lil short kid ryan 3 days later. then she dumps the next wedneday and goes out with some kid with way too much gel in his hair, kevin. then the next week she dumps him and goes out with her best firends boyfriend, sandy. finally like the nezt day she asks out my best friend marshal. now do u get it. that girl gets around. well im gon stop writing about her cuz its bringin me down. all i want is the answer to one lil question. WHY?

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