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bamboozled (bamboozled03) wrote,
@ 2003-05-23 23:01:00
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    ok here it goes
    yay! i finally am tryin out this online journal thingy...hopefully sum people read it...i dunno. anyhoo summer vacation is rather boring...i can't wait til band camp...i'm such a nerd. i finally practiced my oboe 2day...again i'm a nerd. and i've got this really perty song on the piano if only i could play it...haha someday. i went to the mall with allie today. it was fun we got to try on prom dresses...i hate looking at myself when i'm in them tho. errrgggg. someday i'll be pretty. it was soo pretty outside and we have humming birds! kool huh? yup my journals the most boringest thing ever...sorry guys. my dad and my sis are goin to wisconsin tomorrow, i wish i could go c my grandparents too but i have stupid wind ensemble on sunday nites. ok its not stupid i just can't wait til its over. jeremy's in boofu kentucky now at a family reunion. somebody call me so we can do something!!! or otherwise summer's gonna be boring! i haven't ran in like a week...its great!!! graduation sux...everyone leaves and it takes forever! i hate pomp and circumstance my mouth hurt so bad! i've actually watched sum tv the past few days its wierd! ick i have to clean my room tomorrow. yum my mom got bagels...did i mention they were chocolate chip bagels? hehe yay. soo i'm boring so i'll shut up now. maybe i'll never rite in this thing again...i guess i'll try who knows?

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2003-05-24 10:21 (link)
and i quote "someday i'll be pretty." curse you! apparently everybody but you thinks you're pretty so pipe down and dont make others like me feel bad! everytime i ask you to do something you never can. thats no fun

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