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bamboozled (bamboozled03) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 15:27:00
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    hiccups, please go away!!!!!
    urrrg i have the hiccups!!!! and they won't go away, r hiccups supposed to last for an hour? hehe o well......i was even practicing and then sum wierd sounds came out of my oboe from the hiccups so i decided to quit. and i only had about 15 minutes left of practicing!! urg. omgosh i had to take a whole hour of piano lessons on tuesday!!! curse piano and debussy and schubert and bach and just curse all music!!!!! and curse the hiccups of course. anyhoo i thought i'd done ok on my pieces and made a lot of improvement but its never good enough...nooooooo. o well maybe this'll make me practice more. i hope it gets warm soon! i want to swim! i painted my nails and toenails the other day...yippee! my toenails r this really ugly green color but at least they're painted! yay i even made a hemp necklace...the back of it is really ugly tho but i had fun doing it. o yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!!!!! YAYA

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2003-05-30 17:08 (link)
heyah! umm ya hiccups suck! anyways...hows life? today was our last day of school! w00t! i'm a sophomore. and i got band results. 3rd chair baby!!!!!!!!! =)

sooo ya...i'll be commenting often. lol. go see my journal!!!

laters! -zehra

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