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Carolyn Marie (bamacutie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-04 17:10:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Lil Kim - This Is A Warning

    Pure Love Is True...
    OK! Aighhh, I've been meaning to write in this thing for days, but just haven't been able to put everything down. Chris is ok. He was put into IC...scary I know, but he is doing ok. We are back together and he loves me very much. and I quote
    "CaT tOAst HoVEr: i love you
    CaT tOAst HoVEr: nothing else matters"
    Isn't that great? Aigh... soon when we are both a WHOLE lot better we can talk on the phone and eventually get to see each other. I can't wait...I love him so much!!! :D
    When Chris and I were split up, Chris introduced me into this ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE guy named Austin. He has made me think about so many things and has helped me with so much in three days. He will always hold a special place in my heart. Once we got over the weird part of just being there thrown into talking, it was like I had a new friend at once.
    Now, for the boring part... nope not doing anything for the Fourth of July...yeh...warming up a tv dinner and crashing to watch fireworks on tv. Sounds fun, eh?
    Oh, and I thought Melissa would be happy that Chris and I got back together, but I'm so confused. She kinda got all mad when I told her we were together and even said I ruined her Fourth...I don't understand. Does she like Chris? I mean did she think if she ruined me that Chris would go running to her? Maybe that was her plan all along? I don't even know if she is my friend...maybe she was just out to sabotage me. She is the one saying she doesn't want Chris and they are friends. Then why is she mad that we are back together?

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