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*Rochelle* (balletjewel1012) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 21:22:00
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    Rochelle says, "Cheerios make me grow from head to toe!"
    Sometimes I feel like the world should be different. Sure, my friends and family are's just me that's not. Well, anyways, lemme switch topics before you all think I'm a crazy person. But wait, that was a given..hmmm. So, yes, where to begin? Where to begin? I might as well summarize yesterday and today and such...then post my new blend. And then, after that voice my opinion about the war.

    So Sunday. LONG LONG DAY! I went to bed around 1:30am, then I woke up at about 7. From there, I went and showered and made myself all beautiful...then I made breakfast..then ate LUNCH at 10. What kinda person eats lunch at 10am? Then right after that we went on our way to the skateboard shop and bought my brother a new skateboard and some other stuff. We headed to the church for my cousins Baptism. When we got there, we found out the Baptism was for 4 families at one time. It was SOO took 2 hours. The Baptism for my aunts other kid lasted 20 minutes. But, then after that it was fun, we went to my grandmas and cooked steaks and I got to play with my aunts kids. The oldest one is Elijah he's 2. And the one that got Baptised is Jacob and he'll be 3 months on April 13th. After all that was over we came home, but then I went out with some friends until 11:30ish. We went out to eat at Max and Erma's and then rented movies and had a little girls nighty type was so exciting. BUT then, when I came home, my mom told me these three people came to my house looking for me, it turns out it was the bitches that practically stalk me. Well, one of them was their friend Justin, from Canada. And, I don't like them and none of them are my friends..why the hell did they come over?! I hate people that do that, I mean I used to be best friends with both of the girls that came over, but one girl told the other that I laughed at her moms funeral and had her mom say the same thing and paid another girl to also...because me and the other girl were becomming better friends than her and that girl..and it bothered her because the girl that I supposedly laughed at her moms funeral hardly knew me. Well, that's basically my yesterday, if I went into more detail it'd take up too much time and space :-D

    So now, onto my day today. Well, I woke up early, went to school came home, did the ballet thing, came back home again and volia! Here I am! Exciting eh?! I don't really have much to say today except I'm so happy that I won't be at school tomorrow. Today I had to give a presentation on Georgia O'Keeffe. I mean, it's one thing to stand up in front of like 20 people and talk, but 55?! GEEZ! It was horrible. But, my teacher obviously liked it, she gave me 100. I don't really know why, maybe she felt bad for me cause I kept stuttering and stuff. lol! So, ballet, was hell. I mean, I love our dance to death, but I can't do half of it when I'm that exhausted. I'm thinking that I have mono or something because I've been really tired and I've fallen asleep like 3 times today alone..which is really scary for me 'cause generally I'm awake. Also today I had my conference, they told me "Nice feet. Bad everything else. You need to work your stomach muscles..they suck! Lose weight."

    Now let me see, oh yes my blend! Yay!! This will be exciting, it's so ugly..but I just wanna post it..because well I'm proud of my "paintbrush" that i "made" hahah.

    Um, I'll change that to the actual picture when I remember the html tag for showing an image.

    Last but not least my view on the war. Well, first off I'd like to say that Bush is doing a good job as our president, I know that many of you more than likely disagree with me, but I feel as though he has done more than enough to help our country in the time of need. Although I am against the war, I support everyone that is in the war right now fighting for my country. I believe that the only way to stop Sadamm now is to resort to violence. It's been 12 years and we still haven't stopped him, sometimes the only way is is to fight. Let's only hope that it doesn't resort to the destruction to the world.

    Later days!
    Rochelle. :)

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