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Harper.Max (bakaryu_chan) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 13:56:00
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    Current mood:flirty
    Current music:I dunno....

    Kansas Fencing and such.
    So I was at Overland Park this weekend for a NAC in fencing. It was fun and I did pretty well. I got 9th in the Y14 WS, 20 in the Div 2 WS, and I'm not sure what I placed in the Cadet WS. Oh well. I'm really happy with the way I fenced and hope I can keep up the good work lol.

    Oh and every night me and Frencesca went to Dean and Deluca's for dinner. It i such a cool place to eat and the service is fantastic!! There were these two guys that were working the salad bar and stuff. They were soooo cute! lol. I think they were in college and stuff seeing that one of them was talking about his 21 year old friend and how he had drank 27 shots on his 21st birthday. lol. That was a wale of a tale if I ever herd one, but maybe his friend can hold his liquor, ne? Anyway, so Frencesca and I started talking to them and then they started to flirt with us. *dies* Cutie 1 says "So whatcha guys here for?" I said "fencinf tournement" then cutie 1 says "Oh wow, that's impressive. So you guys must be like, pretty string and stuff to do that sort of thing, right?" Francesca :"Yea I guess so *laughs*." Cutie 1 "Yea, us flowery guys need strong women like you." then cutie 2 says "Flowery? As in wimpy?" cutie 1 + "No, flowry as in weak in the knees." lol I couldn't belive how much they were hitting on us. The first one didn't charge me for my salad either.

    Anyways, so it was funny and I bought a sanpelligrino just so he could open it with his bottle opener. I'm so pathetic... *dies*

    Oh well. Too bad they were kinda old and live in kansas... damn.

    But yea, it was funny. Ohh! I successfully did 2 watercolors for my art class. One is of Mana and the other is of Kana. They turned out so prettyful! lol.

    So I can't wait to get back home. I still have a lot of homework to do though... erghhhh...

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