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sarah (bad_stars) wrote,
@ 2005-08-02 15:08:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:pink floyd - comfortably numb

    swinging from such great heights...
    hey, im back again. this time not to rant, as much at least :-P
    well today my hott neighbor called me and invited me to go and see a movie with him friday... :) which makes me super happy. it was nice too because he talked to me for a little bit. plus last night i called my work to see if he was working, but unfourtunately he wasnt. but i think his friend brandon told him i called for him. maybe thats why he called me today. i dont really care, because he still called me.
    i just dont know what to say to sinatra.. i feel bad but i just want to be friends with him. i should of never kissed him.. im such a dumbass. :( oh well. ill figure out some way to fix this.
    i wish i had more money. im so friggin poor. it sucks my ass. maybe i should just stop smoking as much pot. i mean i spent $40 on it already this week, and im looking to buy more today.. :-P oh well.
    by the way im starting to work out. its nice. i wanna be hott looking for when i go back to school. because i have a mission to be popular.. its my last year of highschool.. its gonna be fucking crazy, i know it. at least i hope so. :-P
    well i have to go pick up shea from therapy.. i think shes mad at me, but im not too sure why. :( it sucks. i dont want her to be mad. ugh/ well im off

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