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Christine (bacteriapaladin) wrote,
@ 2004-03-04 17:56:00
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    Current mood: rushed
    Current music:tick-tock of the clock.

    "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....." (Dory)
    I have been moving non-stop this week in preperation for exams and travel.

    I did it again. I dyed my hair. I was getting kinda bored as a redhead, so I went with what God gave me -- brown. It's a bit darker than my natural color, but I love it. Redheads may have more fun, but's just one of those things you have to experience for yourself.

    Because there is not enough random adventure in our lives, my roommate Bridget and I are driving to Orlando/Daytona, FL for spring break! This should be so exciting! I can't wait to go!

    I keep committing random acts of stupidity. Case and point: When I go to Floriday (as I have done in the past), I usually go sit in a tanning bed for ~10 minutes to prime my skin for the Florida sun. But this time, I got toasted. A little "overdone." Needless to say, I'm golden around the edges. I'm not burnt, per say, but my skin is red and feels very uncomfortable. Moral of the story: do not get "burnt" on sensitive skin. There are certain places that were never meant to be burnt......

    Exams suck. I took my immunohematology one today and almost started crying during it because what I had studied and what was on the exam were two different things. There are a zillion antibodies to remember, know how they react, which class immunoglobulin they're in.....the list goes on. Thankfully, I have repressed most of the memory. Now, if I had a midterm on tetris, I'd do really well on that.

    So, its 2 down 1 to go in the land of exams. Tomorrow is parasitology, which is the study of the little critters that can infection your intestine/eyes/skin -- just about anywhere on your body. Yeah, basically I'm taking a midterm on worms. How cool is that?

    Tomorrow I also embark on a quick trip to my home state of Ohio for the second time this week (just don't ask) to visit my high school physics lab partner, Dan, who was also one of my closest friends. I haven't seen him in a couple of years, so it will be good to catch up and hang out with him. :) I'm also excited to get on the road.

    And now back to your reguarly scheduled studying session.....

    PS) 70. 295. 9. 270. 76. 95. If these numbers mean anything to was awesome. I wish I could post about it!

    PSS) I can ice skate!

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2004-03-16 23:07 (link)
is Ohio also a place in IL?? hehe check out my Live Journal sometime:

Laters babe

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