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backdoorman (backdoorman) wrote,
@ 2003-07-04 17:49:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:the doors...yes, the river knows

    my eyes have seen you
    yesterday was going to leave a lot out but here goes...first, aj breaks his collar bone and collapses his lung, so i take him to the hospital and chill with him while, unbenounced to me, people were drinking perhaps a bit too heavily...which, in turn, resulted in luke bender flipping out on his x girlfriend, kati, who came here from colorado with him...then, we go to 80s night and its at least 115 degrees in there...alex is 18 now so him and nate came...they had fun even though they dont drink(wierd)...then, this girl, nikki, who really likes me a lot and is pretty cool but was really drunk decides to transfer ice from her mouth into sees it and for some reason(alcohol), she completely flips out on me and threatens to beat up nikki(high school) im drunk and i dont really want to get yelled at during 80s night so i blow her off like shes completely overreacting...she the club closes and it must have just been the heat release or the abundance of alcohol, but 3 or 4 fights break out in front of the club...people are bleeding and yelling, when all of the sudden, some dude bra shoves veronica, the bartender...i freak out and pin this dude on the sidewalk with my knee in his throat...he was completely wasted and was all apologising and shit...veronica was ok though so i walked home with alex and nate...we get there and johnson is on a rampage...theres like 15 or 20 people outside my apartment and theyre all just in awe of johnson breaking everything and bleeding everywhere...but he finds out about morris and rachna messing around a few weeks ago and threatens morris and morris wants to talk but johnson is too drunk to make johnson runs off and rachna chases him...bla bla bla...all the while, sabrina is freaking out on me like i slept with soem girl or wa only an ice cube me and rockwell are the only 2 people still in reality so we decide to slam the rest of my kentucky together to catch up...we escape to james' house with morris and quin...we get there and its about 4am...nate, alex, todd, 2 girls that we met at 80s night, kelly beth, nicole and james and some of his buddies are there and i have an hour long conversation with the girls from 80s night about the doors...they were really cool and knew a lot about classic we hang out at the pool until the sun starts to come up, i leave with morris, rockwell and and rockwelll wanted mcdonalds breakfast bad!...morris wouldnt stop...we go to morris' apartment and theres people all over passed was just like the movie and rockwell philosophised and smoked cigarettes outside while the sun came up...luke woke up and bitched some more about kati...i needed food so around 7:30 am, i walked house was a battlefield...sabrina had locked me out of my room(schweet)...i ate some leftovers and strummed my guitar drunkenly while the birds chirped and i finally crawled up to aj's room where i attempted to pass out...NO WAY...sabrina wakes up and comes in there(its about 9am now)...she tries to talk(bitch) some a little bit not in the mood for talking...finally she storms out of aj's room and i think i passed out until aj got home from the hospitalwith his mom...i walked downstairs and attempted to talk to her about aj...he got his bed back and i end up falling asleep on the couch until the sun blares in on me so bad that i wake up at noon or so(i really dont know)...all the people who passed out early make me go to paradise cafe with them...the sun was bright but i had my shades...our food took forever and 2 of the people i was with had to go to the bathroom to vomit while we were waiting...we got back and i took care of my stomach problem with a few hits of the pot weed...they watched old school and everyone is cool with eachother today(except sabrina with me) listening to the doors and slowly gaining back some energy...i know i left a lot of events out but my hands hurt...LA WOMAN

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2003-07-04 22:16 (link)
wayyyy more exciting than my night

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