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Rae (babyrae4) wrote,
@ 2005-02-28 21:33:00
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    im back....
    i haven't been on here in a while. been very busy.. i went to jamie's house friday after school. we had a blast! we bake a chocolate cake!! well... i baked the cake, she licked the spoon and bowl. lol. i would have but she beat me to it!! lol :D
    went shopping on saturday and sunday. i got: a black long-sleeve top w/ lace VERY low cut square neck (made like that!), a pink low cut lacy top with pink ribbon tie, a deep red low cut top 3/4 length sleeves, 2 pairs of jeans (tommy and levi), and a pair of gray ultra thin cords (dkny), and a pair of khaki pants (jordache).
    on saturday, i also went to see constantine with my dad. it was awesome! lol. i loved this one part where constantine committed suicide to make a deal with the devil, and as he was dieing, he started to go to heaven, but the devil tried to hold him back and he gave him the finger.. lmao! the whole time i sat by this really hot guy.. it was cool. he was totally checkin me out. my dad didn't like that too much tho! lol
    nothin new happened today. i wore my new red shirt and khaikis and looked like a slut tho... i will never do that again! lol :D

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