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Rissa (babyphat_mami) wrote,
@ 2003-04-26 12:22:00
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    Current mood:chillin
    Current music:jayz n beyonce...03 bonnie n clyde

    I went to school and i left early becuz i had a meetin wit my counsler at school wit my parents den i just left for da rest of da day i was happy then i went ova my sista house we had to take her sum medicine cuz she had got 4 teeth pulled aww poor after that i had to go to da doctors n get the results of the blood i had got drawn last time i went they werent that good but i aint go put my business out der like dat so thats all ya need to know.....after i left there i went n picked my nephew up frum day care n he came over my house ....then we went to a couple of stores wit my dad. i went to tj max to see if i could find me sum summer clothes n i didnt see none i liked .so i came homee n talked on da phone n i went to sleep n woke up around 1 sumthin n Whut a fun day huh?......Not my life is not interesting its dull ~1~

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2003-04-26 16:38 (link)
rereeee...what u mean tha blood test results werent good? u better tell me whats wrong .. damn ur scaring me! .. lol yupp, ya life is borinq. =P aha i still luv ya couz<33


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