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BabyGurlKay (babygurlkay) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 10:55:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:"wherever you will go"

    ~*_if i could, then i would, i'd go wherever you will go_*~
    ~*~ at my dadoos~*~

    i'm still at my dad's for a while. well im here untli tonight which today is sunday and we're going to a rhinos game tonight. so far this weekend we went miniture golfing ummm we went to lollypop farm and looked at all the adorable puppies and i picked out my horse... lol not that im really getting one i just had to pick on out anyway! then we came back to his place and went swimming. o wait before that we went and picked out two videos analyze taht and daredevil and we saw my uncle kelly and my cousins! i missed them a LOT!

    **didn't end up going :(**

    i did'nt go to my uncle alex's because we found out he wasn't even home and he was at the fair with aunt chelle and terra! i really really really extremely wanted to see them but i had gotten a migrane earlier and i didn't wanna get another so we didn't go. i got uncle alex a teddy bear and i didn't get to give it to him. ill give it to him at ryan's wedding.

    well... i might not be on the computer for a while to update my blurty depending on what my mom says about me using the friggin computer :( i wont be on IM for a while and i know that for sure so ill try and keep you updated on my blurty gimme a call if you wanna chyll cuz im ungrounded and GETTING MY PUPPY SOON!


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