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Emma (babygirlxox) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 15:54:00
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    Current mood: sad

    Goodbe..Hello Again..
    I don't think I will ever forget what happened two years ago today..

    It always makes me sad to think about it. Same with the Bali Bombings.

    And Columbine. And my Mother. And Chris's friend..

    And alot of other things..

    I know never to take anyone for granted. Friends, Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Granparents, Aunties, Uncles..They are so special..

    Life is really unexpected, so I've learned.

    I love you guys.

    I really cherish everything I have...

    And remember everything I don't have anymore..

    I will never find an explanation as to why these things have happened, and why I have lost these dear people to me. I will never know why..ever..

    But I do know that is not the end, it is not over. Life must go on..And they are never really gone. I still think about them everyday..
    They may not be here in person, but they are still alive in my heart and mind..

    And my love has never changed..

    And it never will.

    I love you mum...

    And everyone else...

    It will ok, and we will be together again..It's never over, there is no such thing as the end..

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2003-09-11 06:38 (link)
That was very touching Emma.


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2003-09-22 03:58 (link)

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2003-09-12 13:54 (link)
Hi, I'm from livejournal and face-pic and you sound very sweet, down-to-earth and caring ansd I just wanted to let you know tose are some great qualitites, so never lose them :)
If you would like to chat then look em up on face-pic, my profile is bruyninckx

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2003-09-22 03:58 (link)
Aw, Thanks

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