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Robyn (babygirlrav) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 20:10:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:mettalica-sandman

    waiting for weekend
    today was a wednesday. as u prolly know. i dont really care about today i went to school saw everybody and came home but hey theres nothing wrong with a normal day. this weekend is gunna be "uber"fun tho cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! (certain someone who makes me happy i might get to see) :) massive smile. anyways.....nicoles friend asked me out today is it jus me or does the entire world not want me to be with aj im starting to think we are fuck buddies but ya knwo shit happens like that i jus dont want to go to the baby shower and everything and be uncomfortable. i mean thats not the only reason. im still uber paranoid in sure im fine jus the daughter of a druggie! it wasnt me man it was the uterus!! ona more important note i've been listening to mettalica, maybe its my way of gettin around aj and mom who decided to call my house at 430 this morning to tell me i needed to go back on brith control and had a nervous breakdown fuckin lunatic shes worse when im here. so now i will be back on who knows what god forbid my mom believe me that i can take care of myself and make my own dicisions but y would she know that she never knew me anyway grr! cunt. yes i said cunt and to all u ppl who cringe when u hear it CUNT CUNT CUNT! its jus a word live it up a lil! hehe gotta stay positive lol. i keep having to remind myself im goin out with aj and not to flirt so much. thats soooooo bad~only with certain ppl tho! uppsy! well i talk to him about it anyways im not one to not say what i think unless im in school becuz i gotta beat the system to bend. maybe go to law school to learn how fucked up a free country is. (watch out i may start sounding like slc punk) anywho im gunna go think and draw a bit i have started drawin a lot now its very easy goin and shit
    luv ya!

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Nothing to do with your Entry but YAAY!
2003-12-04 19:51 (link)
I'm writing in my blurty AND my DeadJournal... AT ONCE!! Aren't you proud =).... I can't wait until tomorrow night. "When I see her I'm going to touch them..." -drool- I want to so bad! lol. LAZOR TAG and you're going to fall on your ass!! woo! Science class kicks ass LOL.... Study too... Chorus we just all suck! OH MAN IT REEKS ON MY SIDE!!! -Take's videocam and scrolls up Robyns body-... OW OW SEXXXXYYY..... Robyn, you're so hott... you make me jelous =[. I LOVE YOU BABE!! See you soon. Just had to give you a little neato message! =p mwa*


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